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Did you know that many of the top global giants, such as Google, still rely on postcard marketing as part of their advertising strategy? The response rates of postcards are higher than you think. Print them in bulk and it not only costs you less, but you can also distribute them to a wider audience. Simply said, postcards are a powerful marketing tool that can be adopted by any business, even in today’s digital age. Below are six reasons why:

Easy to Design

Postcards are simple to design in a short span of time. There are many templates available online to choose from that save you time and effort without diluting the impact of the work. Several of these are free of charge. If designing is not your cup of tea, simply use the template to create a professional, personalized look.

High Response Rate

Postcards do not need an envelope, so you save money there and are assured of a read. It’s hard to ignore an attractively designed postcard sitting in your mailbox. In 2016, the response rate for postcards doubled for people ages 18-21. It is hard to miss the brand or the message in a postcard that appears in front of you.

Instant Results

Since postcards are open and the format is uncomplicated unlike many other forms of direct mail, it forces the consumer to read the brief message. If it is well laid out and attractive, it has an instant impact on the recipient. Postcards contain simple content as there is not much space for anything overly creative or complicated. 

Multipurpose Marketing

You can use it to promote your website and drive traffic, give out your social media pages to encourage the audience to connect, use it to create floor traffic for retail stores, generate sales leads for direct marketers, launch or promote a product or event and any other marketing tactic you may have in mind. 

Cost Effective

Once you have designed your postcard, you can print it yourself at home. It won’t cost you more than a cent or two. You can print postcards with your own computer for about one or two cents each or have them printed professionally for about four to eight cents each. They are inexpensive to mail and deliver fast results. Sales activity usually starts within just a couple of days, according to research. Well-designed postcards are handed over to others, serving as word-to-mouth referrals where the information stays intact.

Accurate Targeting

Postcards can be accurately targeted. They are said to generate a 70% response rate within the first two weeks of distribution. Postcard marketing is personalized which is restricted to you and your consumer, away from the curious eyes of your competitors, unlike many other mass marketing tools.

Professional Postcard Marketing

It’s important for your postcard marketing to have a clear objective. Since the space is limited, the content needs to be well thought out and communicated in a powerful way with a clear call to action that will generate a positive response. Cluttering it with too much information may not serve the purpose well. You need to identify the right audience, decide the purpose and leverage the tool to use your investment to deliver high ROI. 

If you need a professional mind, eye and hand in your postcard marketing tactics, Laser Sharp is here for you in Vancouver. 

Laser Sharp Printing

We print postcards fast, offering several options in two standard sizes or custom sizes. Whether you need single or double-sided, glossy or matte finish, full colour or full-bleed, our postcards are low-cost and high-quality. Call us to find out how we can help you maximize the impact on postcard marketing.

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