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Promoting a new business takes a lot of work, from establishing an online presence to finding the perfect shop location. It’s a lot to handle, which is why printing shops like Laser Sharp are your one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs. Offering a variety of services, going the route of poster advertising is an effective way to advertise your business, even in this age of technology. Here are five reasons why your company can benefit from poster advertisements.

Great Communication Tool

Having a professional print shop create large or small poster is one of the best ways to announce your company’s biggest goals and what they bring to the table. Marketing is an important element in the success of any business. Posters deliver an effective and unique message in a consistent manner through designs and text. Printing services like Laser Sharp offer a huge variety of sizes and materials for indoor and outdoor advertisements. They provide sizes that range from 11×17 inches to 38×46 inches, all in colour, with the option of lamination so any posters outside on a rainy day don’t get ruined.

Permanent Marketing

Save money by not having to reprint posters week after week, year after year. Unless they’re damaged beyond repair or just look old and used up, keep these posters around, especially if they’re holiday-themed.

High-Quality Investment

Nothing says you have a legitimate business like the quality of your marketing campaigns. Having a low-resolution image stretched across cheap poster paper or accompanied by poorly thought-out designs tells your potential customers that you may not be as professional as your competitors. Spending a little extra money on eye-catching posters will strike confidence in customers to give your business a chance.

Location is Everything

With great posters come even greater opportunities to attract attention to your business. Make sure to place your poster in a location that’s active, as high traffic areas allow for more engagement with your advertisement. Putting your poster up in a dead area isn’t going to help your business expand. Bus stops, shopping malls, grocery stores, locations that service a diverse grouping of individuals are more likely to encourage people to take action, whether it’s calling your company or visiting the store itself.


Posters are the perfect way to promote special offers for your business, especially if the posters are located close to your store. You’ll end up having more people stopping by in search of a great deal. Depending on the poster’s size, you’ll have the space to give them all the information they need while also persuading potential customers as to why they should stop by.

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