3 Printing Tips to Help Your Business Survive COVID 19

COVID 19 has created chaotic times for businesses.   Many have been forced to close and don’t know when, if, or how they will reopen.  No words or blog posting will make that any easier.  However, here are some simple ways your printer can help you get through it.

Be Visible

With so much change, people are confused about just about everything.  Help them. If your business is still open, has modified business, or you are making plans to reopen, communicating with your customers is vital.  You can send out flyers to let them know what you are doing and to invite them back.  More importantly, use signs, banners, and posters to reach everyone passing by that you are open to serve.  Make sure to post any changes to your standard business practice, rather than disappointing or angering your customers.  You many have implemented new temporary policies.  This is a good time to make sure your messages are very clear and visible.

Use lots of Extra, Specialized Temporary Signage

If you are using stickers on your windows or as signage, it is wise to get them laminated.  The clear plastic covering on the sticker will protect the inks when you clean and disinfect.  Because COVID 19 has brought temporary changes to your, use window clings to communicate.  The clings bind to glass or plexiglass surfaces with static.  They are VERY easy to install in seconds, and come off just as easily, leaving no residue.  In addition, they can be repositioned.

Social Distance

Businesses who have remained open through the COVID 19 pandemic, like grocery and liquor stores, have been successful in managing the risk and helping to flatten the curve of COVID spread.  They have done that by maintaining social distancing in their establishments.  This is done very effectively with floor stickers reminding people to stay 6 feet apart and physically illustrating that distance.  Floor stickers can be laminated with a special lamination that is meant to handle the traffic and cleaning.  Let signage like this help you to keep the required health standards to stay open.

Rebuild Comfort and Confidence

The chaos has created uncertainty, fear, and stress in people.  Our most important mission, going forward, and emerging out of all of this, is to rebuild the consumer confidence lost by the COVID 19 pandemic.  For restaurants, who will inevitably see social distancing rules continue for some time, having take out options is a great way to keep customers engaged.  If customers need to have a reservation to get into your establishment, those who can’t get one may still be open to picking up take-out instead, and enjoying your food at a park or at home instead.  Hand out take out menus liberally.  Let them know that limited seating doesn’t mean limited service!  Give coupons to customers to use in your store during the rebuilding.  You won’t have to do that for long, just for now.

Importance of Communication

Rebuilding confidence will require exceptional communication.  Stickers, posters, and flyers can outline how often and in what way  your washrooms and dining room are disinfected, for example.  Your customers will have questions about how to safely move about your establishment, make payment, and interact with your staff.  When they see that you have taken measures to keep them safe, they will feel at home and will come back.  Two mistakes can be lethal to your business:

  1. Communicating poorly with your customers about what has changed in your business or what you are doing to protect them.  This can leave customers feeling alienated and uncomfortable.  If they think you don’t care about them, they won’t risk coming back until they feel safe.  That could be a very long time
  2. Not communicating with your customers at all.  Either you are doing a great job of protecting them and they don’t know or you are doing nothing.  Both have the same result.  They will be confused.

People have invested the better part of the year protecting themselves from COVID 19.  Many have suffered dearly.  They will not easily blow off that isolation just because businesses are starting to reopen.  For awhile, they will need to be reassured and know that you have their backs.  If you clearly communicate – overdo the signage for a bit to be visible, keep social distancing rules as a “comfort zone” for them, and take extra precautions to rebuild their confidence – you can get through this.  Your local grocery and liquor stores have proven it.